Evan’s Eleven: The Keys to Coaching Success

Evan’s Eleven: The Keys to Coaching Success

Now I am in the thick of the Cross Country season: morning practice, evening practice, Saturday meets, and Sunday recruiting; all with a full time job. Revisiting this list, which I wrote before the season started, was a confidence boosting refresher.  It confirms what I thought it took to be successful then, and so this is what I am applying now. This list is in no particular order. All points must be in solidly present at all times.

  1. Develop a plan
  2. Constant clear communication
  3. A strong moral compass
  4. Your work ethic sets the standard for your athletes
  5. It takes a team to coach at team: delegate
  6. Believe in your athletes
  7. Life is a balance
  8. Adaptability for effective change. The path you envisioned will not go strictly according to plan however, the goal remains.
  9. Don’t do what your coach did; keep a constant open mind to new research and techniques
  10. Analyze performances and plans to acknowledge and learn from mistakes
  11. Persistence

I look forward to expanding on each point in the future.




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